A Way With Words – Mr Anger

A Way With Words are a four piece Alternative Rock band that are from Swindon. They sound simlair to bands like Boston Manor, The Strokes, Franz Ferdinand, WSTR and Brand New.

Antony Willis – Guitar / Vocals
Kyle Foote – Guitar / Vocals
James Rowland – Bass / Vocals
Matt Morris – Drums

Track List
1, Mr Anger
2, Crowded
3, Miriana

Mr Anger. Fading guitar intro, snaps into the first line of vocals “The Bottom of the bottle” the reference from the start gives us the fact that the person is clearly drinking. The drinking got to hard and now you’ve blacked out, do you have that down point in your life, which has led you to a moment when you have the fear that you won’t be missed. There is a swinging chorus where the drums shines through the track and pushes the moment forward for the track, “Hey, Mr Anger”, thick layers of each instrument doing their own part, the lead guitar has it’s own part, doing a riff over the top. The heavily use of group vocals in the chorus, really sticks out as this powerful message which is being pushed out of the song. Bridge gets right into the message which tells the story of how it is not just you who feels like this, but a lot of people are going through similar situations. Theres a breakdown version of the chorus where the drums are carrying the track a head and then the rest of the band is repeating the chorus. The very simple change of chorus makes it very effective for the music to be catchy and it can attractive people to listen to more. Instruments across all four members are really good but Matt Morris carries the song through towards the ends, being the only guy that doesn’t sing.

Crowded. Massive sounding intro, which has a unique guitar sound which pushes the music into the verse, the chuck and swing verse which the rhythm sections of the band hold down this feeling and keeps the track going. The loud low end sound that comes from the bass really seems to fit and fill in all the gaps of the track, keeping the sound between the drums and the guitars together, which overall is making the track sound fatter. The guitars between the verse sections have this amazing and crazy guitar riff going on, which is the big link between sections. The vocals while into the verse almost has storytelling voice, there is not a lot of change and the vocals are kept just above the track but not over powering. The chorus half time speed, has a gradually build up into the and has this massive sounding drums which seems to be pushing the track forward. Though the vocals sound amazing in this section of the song, they feel powerful and are really strong over the tracks which leads to the chorus being focused around the vocals and the guitars and bass are just support. Beautiful twinkle guitar just after the chorus which drops into a breakdown and the song drops back and the sound slowly builds back up. This build ups into a exploding ending of the track, which ends on a short stop of sound.

Miriana. Slower guitar and piano setting the mood that is just not as happy of a song, there is a serious vibe going, and how its going to be a really serious story. “Mr Anger is at my doorstep” The first line shows how deep the message is going to be. The song keeps at a quiet and soft level for most of the track but then towards midway it starts to build up into full band, it goes from having thinner layers to then being massive layers in the music. The different sounding instruments really stick out on there own and each part has been careful put together for each section. As this is sitting as the last track on the Ep, it goes to show that the band can do both soft, gentle to then aggressive and massive styles.

The ablum has a running theme with Mr Angry, is it almost just telling small stories about how anger can effect you.

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