Burn The Yearbook – Last Nights Antics

Burn The Yearbook are a five piece pop punk band based in Liverpool who take influences from bands such as Blink 182, Taking Back Sunday, Yellowcard, Man Overboard, Lit and New Found Glory

Josh Dalzell – Vocals
Tom Baines – Guitar
Patrick Nicholls – Guitar
Joseph Ross – Bass
Joel Hughes – Drums

c4b8496453fd2c642ddf6abe5800b93e0915d6be.jpgTheir new single “Last Nights Antics” was release on 28th April 2017.

Last Night’s Antics. The stabby intro from the band that quickly drops into the vocals, there is a swinging motion you get from the track, as you listen throughout. Short section where the instruments become more straight but then it quickly goes back to the stabs of sound. The pre-chorus blends with the verses as it moves into a straight pattern with chords and then this builds up into the chorus. The split vocals within the chorus really sticks out and really supports the track with the band trying to break up the chorus instead of trying to keep it straight. Just after the second verse, there is section in which the lead guitar really shines through the track and it really shows us that the band is happy to use different sounds and expand out. Towards the end of the track it almost seems like it is speeding up into an explosion.
The recording can seem a bit messy and if the vocals were slightly louder to hear the lyrics better, it could really support singing along with the track. The writing is defiantly there, and there is room to improve and move forward, having there next release to be something to watch out for.


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