FIELDING – I Got Used To It

FIELDING are a two piece Indie Rock / Emo band from Leeds taking more of a DIY approach with similar sounds to bands such as Warm Thoughts and Winter Break.

C-Dogg – Vocals/Guitars
D-Dizzle – Drums

a2905317727_10.jpgI Got Used To It was recorded and released by “Shot Blue Records” on 7th August 2017.

Track List
1, Blaze Against the Machine
2, Dysfunctional Mess
3, Can’t Address the Truth
4, One Last Thing

Blaze Against the Machine. The clean electric guitar riff which has a quote on top of the track and the drums sneak into the track just below the sound of the guitar. When the track speeds up and gets into the first section of vocals the first line is “What’s the point of this living death,” strong first lyrics which sets the mood of the track early on. As we move forward in the track, the next section has a really amazing guitar riff cycling around with the vocals on top, but each line is shorter and doesn’t cover the whole section. Everything slows down, but still has the vocals shouting across the track which leads the track to the end.

Dysfunctional Mess. The drum intro which leads the track into the guitar coming in with jangle chords which then builds up into the verse. The verse has these overpowering vocals which really lead the sound forward with the shouting. The little breakdown in which the guitar does a small riff which really sticks out as a different section for the track. The suicide lyrics “Countless nights laid up I can’t stop thinking about death,” steers the track into a direction which can be noticed as depressing.

Can’t Address The Truth. Slow intro, the long lasting chords from the guitar, gentle and strong. The first section speeds the track up very fast and the shouting vocals start for the track “It’s ok to not belong,”. The pace of the track is a lot faster and the drums seem to be pushing the track forward and it really is holding the track down. Slight section which the guitar does a small riff without the drums, which almost just appear out of nowhere. The last couple of lines with a electric chord having long chords have this vocal line over the top “I’ too scared to not feel this way.” which lets the chords have a good length just like the intro again.

One Last Thing. The acoustic track as the last track helps finish the Ep in a calm manner. The track seems really low cut from the rest of the track and it almost just sounds live with the background noise from a tv show. The track has a distortion as the vocals reach a level of sound which is too loud and it gives this vibe of how this track is really laid back and almost doesn’t matter if you hear this or not.

The Ep’s writing is very good and has a really unique take on the the genre of music but the unbalancing between instruments and vocals can the make Ep feel weak. The drums are steady and keep the tracks going throughout the Ep and then the guitar has great riffs and a good clean sound when needed. Then the vocals can be too loud or too quiet to hear anything, the idea of having shouting vocals is great but then not mixed right can ruin the track.


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Reviewed and written by Arran Sahota


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