The Take Down – All Aboard The Sinking Ship

The Take Down are a four piece pop punk/alternative rock band from Kent who take their main influences from Alkaline Trio, No Use For A Name, Bayside and Sum 41.

Dan Martin Brown – Vocals/Guitars
Dan Hardie -Lead Guitar
Gary Luckhurst – Bass
Benjamin Rix – Drums

Track List
1, Daisy Dread
2, Three Minutes
3, Sublime
4, Midnight Bats
5, Slave to the Substance
6, Better Days
7, Falling Down
8, Never Follow
9, Tragic Lullaby
10, Your Misery
11, Lost My Way

Daisy Dread. The clashing hi-hit sound which leads the track into the intro, starting the album off with an amazing lead guitar sound. Then the vocals lead the sound throughout the song, with the instrumentals supporting the sound of the vocals, which has a very unique tone. There is a strong sense of a punk sound. “She Said to Me, do you feel like dying, do you feel like dying?” the first line in the chorus is really catchy, and easy to remember. Ovrr all a good start to the album.

Three Minutes. This track is about being drunk and how that one night stand comes and goes in a flash, “She looked at me with an evil stare and said “It’s time to play my game””, quick point lyrics which tells the main point to the story early on, “Three Minutes I’II never forget as she vanished out the door” the title for the song is used early on; when you look at the title you know what the song is about pretty much straight away. The fast paced track has short breaks that are quickly picked back up. and the overall sound of the track is really strong. Listening to this song you can also tell it would be a great song to see live too.

Sublime. The slower intro, with drums and the guitar stabs, before it drops out, the bass taking over to fill in the gap, it almost sounds like a call and answer between the two instruments. The vocals come in, and they can seem a little weak for the track; they don’t seem to match up with the levels of the rest of the band. There is a lot of bouncing between thick layered up sections to then the thinner layers, which helps the contrast a lot for the track. Amazing guitar solo just before the last chorus really puts the cherry on top of the song.

Midnight Bats. The super fast intro is very full of sound; the guitar doing long chords and then the bass and drums bring the low end of sound towards the front of the music. The vocals singing every little lyric for the verse and filling every gap of the song, to make sure there is no space for empty sound. The build up to the chorus is really short and the vocals drop out of it, the chorus has very strong backing vocals which just sit behind the lead vocals. “So let us take your problems(Whoa, Oh Oh Oh)” There is a big reference towards violence but then it also seems to be about how you look at yourself, looking in the mirror and seeing yourself, choosing your own life chooses.

Better Days. Punk thrilled track, fast paced, this has a very simlair sound to “Bad Religion” and the track has sections when it slows down, almost just a break before everything picks back up again. “You Know it takes so long, to try and write a song To solve the problems with the prefect solutions” the first line really sets the song on a good track, on how everything can’t be just fixed in a couple of seconds.
Your Misery. The chunky sounding guitar, drives the track forward with the bass and drums bringing up the low end of the guitar riff, with the vocals just sliding on top of the track. The verse has a very smooth transition to the chorus and there is not a lot of difference between the two sections of the track, though the chorus has a catchy vocal lyric line “I don’t wanna be, caught up in your misery” simple, and can get the listener hooked.

Never Follow. The count into the song explodes with sound from the intro, and the pace throughout doesn’t change much, keeping its momentum up. The overall sound of the track is really tight, the timing is perfect, overall kind of flawless. As the track keeps going, there is a slight breakdown where the drums hold the instruments and the vocals down. Simple and very effective song.

Overall the album is fast paced, easy to listen to, well recorded, and amazingly written as a whole. It’s particularly noticeable that Dan Hardie, who plays lead guitar has really done a great job over most of the tracks with the guitar solos and is a really key point of the band for each and every song.

“Fast punk, deep meaningful lyrics”

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