These Five Years – Persistence

These Five Years are a 5 piece pop punk band from South Wales, who take influences from bands such as The Swellers, Wonder Years, and Knuckle Puck.

Adam – Bass
Carl – Lead Guitar / Vocals
Harry – Vocals
Jason – Drums
Joel – Rhythm Guitar

These Five Years released their new debut single ‘Persistence’ on the 7th July 2017.a0478192925_16.jpg

The song starts out with this distorted and muted guitar rhythm, then quickly comes in with a very simple and short guitar picking line; (which if you’re listening through headphones only comes In through one ear, which adds much more depth and detail to the intro, and we’re only about 5 seconds in). It then immediately picks up, the rhythm getting faster just before the whole band kicks in, and we get the intro picking rhythm much thicker and layered into the song. It’s quickly very catchy and defiantly makes you want you do some mild head banging.  As the lyrics start the music takes a back seat, but doesn’t adjust its pace. and rather Harry keeps up great pace with the music, his lyrics being crisp and clear, even when it gets heavier. It runs from verse to chorus very smoothly and the rhythm stays really strong and simple, the simple chorus from the band of ‘my feet have lest the ground’ really adds that depth to the track. We get this pause and a slight instrumental thy builds us back up from scratch, before the lyrics start up again, switching from them sitting way above the music, to then below bands sound, just before the track fades off to an end.

A very good single, defiantly a band to give your time too,


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