A Decade Late – Transmission Overload

A Decade Late are a three-piece Alternative rock band from Yeovil UK who take influences from Blink 182, New Found Glory, Sum 41 and The Offspring.

Steve McMullen – Guitar / Vocals
Jakub Weinc – Bass/Guitar
Karl Appleby – Drums

Track List
1, 3000 Miles
2, Sick and Tired
3, One Last Time
4, Me and You

0010473410_10.jpgA Decade Late released Transmission Overload on released June 23, 2017.

3000 Miles. The first track on the Ep, starts off with a scratchy sounding guitar, which
is quickly followed up by light percussion and a slight hint of bass, the break into the track has this punky D.I.Y feel going on. The vocals come in with a unique tone which sits over the track and it feels like they are far away from the mic on a really thin layer. The track doesn’t seem to sound full which makes it have this aura of D.I.Y recording and can seem more indie / punk. The stand out from the bass tone really helps push the track towards the end and keeps it rolling on. The opening track really sets up the sound you’re going got be hearing for the rest of the track.

Sick and Tired. The slow clean guitar, sets more of calm mood for the track, just over the top comes an electric guitar track which doesn’t overpower but match the clean guitar. Suddenly the drums and bass come in with a massive bang and this leads into the intro of the track, and the progression of the lead guitar expands, a lot more riffing and changing up the sound. The vocals aren’t that strong and brings the track down, if there was more power behind the vocals it would help carry the track onward. The bridge cuts all sound out and goes to a thin layer with the guitar leading the track with slight bass creeping in at the right time, and then the soft quiet drums creeping around the back, gives a great atmosphere and really oddly unique sound.

One Last Time. The high-speed intro and drums leading the charge as the sound builds up and quickly drops into a really unique rhythm with the backing of the band, the feeling of the call and answer the band gives really stands strong, having the bass doing one half and the guitar coming in for the other. The vocals sit a lot stronger over the track and really begin to push it, the chorus is half timed and the vocals are powering through. The thick sounding bass has the moments which really shine in this track and the guitars giving us different layers which fit over each other very well, though there could have been more layers. The track is slow overall, even though the drums come in super fast in the intro, it seems to slow down when the verse comes in. Towards the end the track picks up tempo and leaves itself on a fade out.

Me and You. The last track, has a simple guitar riff at the start, which is interrupted by the rest of the band coming in. The thick sounding intro which seems to slug along the track, and it becomes really relaxing when the vocals come in. This pretty ending to the Ep singing about being with someone “Me and You”, the relationship is strong and you need to stick together.

“Unique & something different”

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