Oaks – Space To Grow

Oaks are a five piece pop punk band from Sydney who have sounds similar to Neck Deep, Roam, A Day to Remember, Taking Back Sunday, Trash Boat, Blink 182, and Brand New.

James Graham – Vocals
Zac Wallace – Guitar
Christopher Concepcion – Guitar
Josh Tchatchanidzæ – Bass
Lucas Flood – Drums

Track List
1, New Year, Old Me
2, Broken Pieces
3, Better Off Plane
4, Reshape
5, Stand Tall

New Year, Old Me. The Super fast intro with  that pop punk sounding guitar riff gives you instant vibes to the EPs sound, there is defiantly some early pop punk sound going on. The verse goes to a more thinner layer which is led by the bass and drums, then the vocals enter “I’m so familiar with the floor, I couldn’t take it anymore” though the vocals are heard perfectly they aren’t overpowering to the rest of the band. As the track picks back up, the lead guitar comes back in with a riff just over the verse. The chorus sounds really explode and leaves a massive impact; which then trails down into the verse, which again goes to the bass and drums but at a faster pace, “You say you’re a lesson learned”. Each lyrical verse has been written to support each section of the track’s sound. Amazing opening track.

Broken Pieces. The slower guitar riff for the intro and the reverse cymbal really brings together the rest of the band for the intro. The vocals come in but just seem to slip on top of the intro riff and as the track moves into the chorus the melody of the vocals really change and brings a different impact to the music that really sticks out. The super catchy lyrics really set this song up “It’s not that I don’t miss you, But I’m better off without you” really sticks in your head. The meaning is also really easy to relate to and how different life is in moments they’re not around, to bring up all the mistakes you made and everything you have done wrong. The bridge almost feels like the ending of the song, until we get one last chorus.

Better Off Alone. The scratchy guitar intro riff, which leads into the main sound, has a really different sound compared to the rest of the tracks. The contrast has a quick change from the intro, the verse coming down into a very thin layer of sound, having the backing only coming from the bass and drums, then the vocals just sitting on top. “I’m falling forward,” is the key lyrics which the band goes back to, exploding and has this more aggressive vibe going on. Towards the end there is a breakdown which brings the music’s layers up and has this unique sound which sticks out, changing up the track like this  really helps develop and shows the bands high potentia. The drums have a powerful sound which really pushes the track forward and is really tight with the rest of the band, the overall sound from the drums though really helps fill all the gaps in the music.

Reshape. The heavier track comes in strong and really gives a sense of trying to change. The sound of guitars really works well together, the thicker sounding instruments, helps push the track a head and really shows how strong the band is. “It’s so hard to reshape, And find space to grow” the chorus lines are hitting back to the title of the Ep, so even though this sits down as the fourth track, it will reference you back to the title, bringing you back to the start.

Stand Tall. The last track starts with a distortion guitar playing one note at a time, seems slow and has a very thin layer to the sound. The vocals over the top of guitar saying “I’ve been wasting away the days”. Telling us about how this year has gone and been a waste. After the relationship has ended and now you are picking yourself back up, standing strong and tall, moving forward. The massive stand out part really brings the track together; there is a bridge with the guitar taking the lead and then the vocals enter. The backing drops back and the vocals take the lead by themselves, this stands out and then leads into the track ending with a massive and amazing sound from the guys.

“All you ever did,
Was waste my time”

Links : https://oakspoppunk.bandcamp.com/



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