Thy Art Is Murder – Dear Desolation

Thy Art Is Murder is an five piece deathcore band from Sydney that formed in 2006 and have taken influences from Decapitated, Meshuggah, and Behemoth, and also have been compared to  The Black Dahlia Murder, Morbid Angel, and Cannibal Corpse.

Chris “CJ” McMahon – vocals
Sean Delander – guitar
Andy Marsh – guitar
Kevin Butler – bass guitar
Lee Stanton – drums


Track List
1, Slaves Beyond Death
2, The Son Of Misery
3, Puppet Master
4, Dear Desolation
5, Death Dealer
6, Man Is the Enemy
7, The Skin Of The Serpent
8, Fire In The Sky
9, Into Chaos We Climb
10, The Final Curtain

Slaves Beyond Death. From the start the lead guitar makes its heavy tone before the rest of the band comes in, though there is a small break for a “Go”, the double kickers are loose from the drums, this is deathcore at its finest. “Slaves, slaves beyond death” is screamed down from the vocals and has this instant hook towards the music. There’s a short break between the first chorus to then the verse which helps break up the music, the verse has the same pace as the chorus although there is a lot more going on from the drums side of the band, filling in different sections of the sound. Between the guitar lead break to then having the full band charge, this shows a massive contrast of music. Being the first track, this really shows up as strong, and straight to the point with what this band is about.

The Son Misery. The drums lead the intro, crashes, cymbals and hard hitting bass drum, the lead guitar just sits over the top with small riffs going around and around. The bass guitar is really hard hitting and keeps the low end of the track chunky within the first section of vocals, as the rhythm is broken up into small sections of stabs. The first line “I, the child of light, siren of sanity” really sets the listener up with hints of religious connotations, the “I” comes in really strong and has a lot of backing under the vocals. The almost blast beater of the drums for all the verses which then gets cut up when the chorus reenters in to the track, there is almost the sense of having this super fast part with everything going at max speed to then a quick break the backing drops back in speed but goes into more of a stabby approach for the chorus. The amazing guitar solo shows that the band can still bring into sections without vocals and have the guitar leading the sound of the track. The overall sound from each member of the band works brilliantly.

Dear Desolation. The album title song, starts on a hard hitting non solo guitar riff, right into the track just having the lead guitar over the top changing guitar riffs. The break between the intro and verse really begins to hook you into the track, the snaps between the cymbals and the rest of the band really shows how tight the track is. The different layers of instruments filling up the sound of the track, can really express the bands love for their music, no corners are cut in this track. The guitar solo is something that can’t be over looked, ingeniously amazing. The screaming vocals stand out when they come out, pushing the message of destruction across. “One by one the houses fell” the destruction of life, morals have changed, “Annihilation, nothing is left” the lyrics are strong and are right to the point, there is no hidden message, “Dear Desolation” means Dear Destruction, welcome.

The Skin Of The Serpant. The stabs draw the track towards the build up and the break before the vocals come in to push the track. “Adorned, in the skin of the serpent” this is the first line before the track breaks down. The sections which use a great use of panning between the head phones gives a great effect for the track. To all of the sections sounding a lot different, the track progress throughout, there are bits when it gets quiet and almost just having a thin layer of music, to then having thick layers. The snake theme of the track works well, with the lyrics such as “Paralyzed, The snake that devours its brother” and then even having death used as well, “Death is destiny”. Unique track from the rest, worth a listen.

Into Chaos We Climb. Echo vocals starts with “Luciferian Child” the reference to hell from the start. There’s something about having demonic and Religious themes as the main focuses around the track. The track seems to keep up the pace a lot more and doesn’t tend to break up in sound, the guitar solo slides over the top with the drums sticking out supporting it. “Oh son of Abacus”

Final Curtians. The last track, starts off with vocals and lead guitar, which is then broke up with the hard hitting of the drums and bass. Slight break which slows down the track, which then the drums pick back up, which leads into the verse, the lead guitar riff over the track stands out, and with brings a unique sound to the track. This track has so much going on, that just hearing the track, you can hear different layers of, amazing musical skill and beautiful writing. The band knows how to show off for the final track, and the track really feels like the end of the album. “Eternal light of creation”

Amazing sounding album, this truly expresses the elements of a Deathcore band.

“Plague of guilt and grand design”

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