Venture – You / Me 

Venture are a four piece Pop/Rock band from Broadstairs, Kent who formed in 2014 taking influences from The Maine, Kids In Glass Houses, The 1975 and Deaf Havana.

Luke – Vocals / Guitar
Alex – Guitarist
Chris, – Bassist
Mike – Drums

a3111358069_16.jpgYou / Me was released on August 25, 2017

Track List
1, You
2, Me

You. The track has a very pop vibe to it and the rhythm of the track is really bouncy, easy to get into as well and the track itself is very well recorded. The lead guitar riff throughout over the track is particularly eat catching  and really unique, an amazing sound which seems to be a key part of the track. The chorus is super catchy lyric wise and simple, easy to learn words to sing along to. Beautiful track with different sections, sounds and meanings.

Me. The lead guitar really leads the track heavily in the intro which as the lead guitar has got its riff going over the top, the backing has a select rhythm between, which seems to come in and out of the track sound. The verse cuts in, which drops the sound back to palm mutt guitar and a drum bass kick. The contrast switches over, has this instant catch onto the track which has people very caught to the sounding of the unique vocals “Take your time,” first line directs it away from the singer and more at someone else. The track builds up into the chorus which the sound goes wide and you hear no gaps in the sound, “It’s all about me, me, me, When it comes to you,” simple effective lyrics which are easy to sing along to and be involved. The catchy, happy, well-written and well recorded, brings a nice clean sounding track with interesting different parts from each instrument.

Both these two tracks work together and you can hear that there are meant to be played on after the other. Amazingly written, super catchy, makes you want to dance, an easy listening pop rock music which needs to be checked out and not over looked.

“Touched your arm thought you’d notice me and we’d laugh,”

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