Montroze – Escape

Montroze are a five piece pop punk band from Bath UK who take influences from The Wonder Years, Basement, Citizen, Real Friends, The Story So Far, Transit and Title Fight.
Jason Bishop, Vocals
Sam Chard, Guitar
Jake Matthews, Drums
Ben Curd, Guitar
Mike Yeatman, Bass

Montroze released there EP “Escape” on September 14, 2017.

Track List
1, Escaping
2, Shameful You
3, Contemplation
4, A Breath
5, Pages of a Different Book
6, Escaping Part II

Escaping. The massive sound to the intro of the track starts the Ep on a strong note, making the genre noticeably pop punk. The vocal line throughout is really a big push on the track and is really melodic, which is heard in the chorus, “It gets better than this, you’ll be alright kid”. The lead riff which starts the track and then reappears slightly in the verse, a unique sound. The verse has a really amazing rhythm with the stabbing. The verse feel really thin in layers, it makes the chorus sound bigger as it becomes straight.

Shameful You. The summer vibe intro which leads into a fast paced verse is really pushed by the drums with the rest of the band sitting their sound just over the top. Before the chorus there is a slight rhythm change and this sense on how the track is going to be building up, then the track explodes into a flourish of catchy melodies. “So here’s your song, This one’s for you. And all the shit things that you put me through.” After the chorus there is a slight bass fill which puts the track together and keeps the momentum up. The guitars have slight little riffs throughout; bringing the flavor to the track and it really helps carry the bridge and then the last pre-chorus. The track really speaks to the listener of having someone who has put them through a hard time.

Contemplation. The acoustic track is really beautiful and it gives a different side to what the band can sound like. The chorus’ first line “I try to take on the world by myself, and i’ll turn down everybody’s help.” it feels very up lifting and to which you can feel almost sorry and how this person is really on their own. Though it also says blocking everyone else out of there life and not really letting anyone in. “I’ve built these walls so high, to keep everyone out.” The two guitars weave in and out of each other throughout the track and really shows a strong base for the track. Lovely and honest.

A Breath. Short instrumental interlude which helps to lead into the next track.

Pages of a Different Book. The intro riff which comes from “A Breath” and the intro breaks into a bouncing sound. The verse is really fast with the drums pushing the track forward and with the bass and guitar sound just sitting on top, the first line “This has been one of the hardest years of my life,” starts with thinking of the past and how something really bad has happened to make this year feel really bad. The chorus has a slight break before it drops into the swing sound “Feels like the weight of the world is crushing my shoulders” the chorus catches your attention on how tough life is this year for the person  and how much pressure there really is, the chorus also speeds as the band sticks together  to make this very unique sound. “The expectations placed on me, ” these words are when the band really push their sound  and explode into a massive and very powerful sound. There is a slight positive note in the bridge “it’s not all bad I’ve achieved a lot in this past year” such a contrast between lyrics, been a hard year but then you have done a lot with the time.

Escaping, Pt. 2. The acoustic ending for the Ep is perfect, the simple straight-forward track which is knowing that life might put you down when you’re young but it will get better. “Now I’m giving a self pep-talk in the mirror,” showing that the person is trying to give themselves confidence to keep moving on with the day. Take a listen and maybe you might be able to reflect on your own life.

Overall the Ep sound is perfect, the recordings are amazing and each sound has been written and has attention to detail for each part of the track.

“My soul became entwined with you”

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