Northern Horizon – You Let Me Down

Northern Horizon are a four piece pop punk band from Newcastle UK who take inflencues from The Wonder Years, Roam, Real Friends, Neck Deep, Blink 182 and Man Overboard.

Jakes Ashburn – Vocals / Guitar
Steve Waltl – Guitar / Vocals
Robbie Williams – Bass
Luke Park – Drums

Track list
1, Background Music
2, Without You
3, Run And Hide
4, Down

Background Music. The intro drone through the little microphone is really catchy, with the melody line which is also the chorus line. The song drops into the intro which the vocals drop out of but the lead guitar riff is catchy and has a really strong backing from the band, there is a swinging motion with the track and it really puts you into a mood of happy pop punk. The verse vocal lines of split into two by the two vocals and there is a instant contrast between the vocals, though the backing of the verse is not straight but a slightly more broken rhythm. An little gap splits the verse to the chorus which is when the guitar takes the lead. The chorus is an repeat of the intro but full sound and you really hear the guitar riff over the track which sounds amazing. The track really has a strong opening for the Ep, which the overall sounding of the track is amazing and there is really a sense of happiness in the track and it makes you want to listen more.

Without You. The fast intro guitar riff which is a lead up to a long distance chord from the second guitar, the guitar riff continues but the rest of the band comes in. The build from the intro from the thin layer of music to then a thick layer really build up fast and in the verse the sound stays thick and then same with the chorus sounding massive. “Listen kid your running out of places to hide” the chorus has a really catchy first line which is super clean and really easy to sing a long with. The bridge drops back from the straighten chords to a section which the guitar starts of with a slight riff and then drops into stabs and then small builds which is led into a guitar solo, which really puts the cherry on top of the track and really shows what the band can really do, extremely talented set of musicians.

Run And Hide. The clean intro guitar riff which leads to a calm and peaceful track which slightly builds up into the chorus where there is a switch in contrast from a thin layer into a thick layer of music. The contrast between every verse and chorus is massive and makes the chorus sound massive. Each section has details in the sound and you can really hear that they have taken care with each section. The tracks lyrics point towards getting away from everything and how you don’t want things to end but the time has stopped and there will be no more.

Down. The chunky sounding intro which has a guitar riff over the top which is blended in well with the rest of track, as the track builds up and then drops down into the verse you can really hear the low end of the track as the bass is really driving this track forward. The verse starts of by having a really low end of the track chunky a long and then as the track gets further a head, the guitar starts to do more stabs which brings a different contrast for the track. The pre-chorus really leads the sound upwards towards the chorus; being more straight and then as you get to the chorus the sound explodes and a catchy melody comes in. The second verse the track drops back and goes to drums and bass which is such a difference and it really suits the sounding of the band, the guitar does reappear but only slightly with a small rift. Lyrics point towards not letting someone down, they also point towards a relationship and how it ended and how you were messed around. This being the last track really ends on a strong note and the track really shows up of what the band can do and really stretches out there talents as a band.

“Pure Talent”

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