Bear Trap – Sugarcoated 

Bear Trap are a four piece punk rock band from Manchester who take influences from Blink 182, New Found Glory, Green Day, Anti Flag, Yellowcard, Bowling For Soup and Goldfinger.

Callum – Guitar / Vocals
Dave – Guitar / Vocals
Jay – Bass / Vocals
Dean – Drums

Track list
1, Goodbye
2, Lena, You’re A Miracle
3 Hopeless

Goodbye. The scratchy guitar riff, which puts the track in an almost DIY feel, the palm muting guitar, straight verse chords and the bass guitar creeping through the sound, really sets in that this is a punk song. As soon as the vocals come in, the medley really catches the eye attention with the husky voice, has the British punk vibe going for it. The build up towards the chorus slows the sound down but then the chorus explodes and the backing vocals of the “Aaa” which is supporting the lead vocals, makes the chorus really catchy.  Post-chorus there is a slight section where the bass helps link the sections together. Typical there is a bridge which the drums hold the track down and leads on with monster long held chords over the sound. The last chorus quickly helps the tie the track off, with a short guitar solo riff.

Lena, Youre A Miracle. Thin layered track which has a fast pace of music, the palm muting which drops into a full band section for intro / verse and back to palm muting, really has an oldie punk vibe. The chorus seems to be dropped in without warning but the super catchy lyrics “I base my life on a movie script” the first also has a really strong melody. There is something about the melody for the overall vocals which really sticks with you and what the meaning of the song really is.

Hopeless. Swinging intro, really gets your head bouncing and also has a really strong guitar riff which is catchy over the top of the main sound. Small gap of a guitar riff which then leads into the verse which drops down into a straight forward punk rock verse, where the vocals stand strong over the song. The use of gaps between the different sections to move the sound over is in perfect timing, the chorus explodes with a strong, powerful vocal line which is being backed from the guitar copying the melody. The lyrics are powerful and point towards a relationship with someone and your more then good friends but then again it hopeless to have the happy story about how the guy gets the girl.

Overall the Ep keeps a strong punk rock vibe, each track points somewhere different and you can really look at this Ep for some punk rock inspiration.

Punk Rock is back

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