Drawstring – Forecast

Drawstring are a two piece Emo band from Kent Uk, there influences are taken from Algernon, Iron Chic, Bon Iver and The American Scene.

Sam Shepherd – Vocals / Guitar
Ben Schulze – Drums / Vocals

Drawstring released their single on  September 30, 2017, recorded at “The Clubhouse”, mixed and mastered by Ricky Beetlestone. Art done by Drawin1985.

Forecast. The smooth guitar intro where the bass and drums slide into the sound, sets the calm mood of the track early on, the bliss feel of autumn is felt in this track. The vocals glide over the top and stand out strong, clean and perfectly heard, first line “it was too late ” something is not on time? the line is then followed later into “saving all the love for you was better instead ” the instant focus on a relationship and how someone’s love is better and strong then anything else. The smooth track leads into a massive sounding chorus which has a strong impact on the listener and has a really catchy melody line. The track seems to break into a bridge line and the rhythm and sound starts to change. The track drops down into an almost acoustic song “if i loved you, would you love me? ” the direct focus onto the question which was brought up earlier about love, there is lost of emotion in the track and it almost feels confused on how your emotions should react to the track and the lyrics. Listening to a piece of music having its ups and downs with the sounds and different sections, the moving of lyrics between the sections and then bringing the emotions out of the person, will get the listener hook to the track.

“Drawstring brings the emotions out of you”

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Written and reviewed by Arran Sahota



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