Heart Attax – Heart Attax

Heart Attax are a four piece Alternative / Pop Punk band from Ingolstadt, Germany, their music sounds between old My Chemical Romance and Blink 182.

Marius – Vocals / Guitar
Janosch – Guitar
Max – Bass
Joey – Drums

Track List
1, Lovebites
2, Hospitality
3, Me, Myself & The Celebration

Lovebites. The heavy sounding intro really fills the headphones up, and there is no gaps in the sound , giving a full and whole sound to the track which works together as one to move sound forward. The vocals for the verse seem to come on top of the track just over the intro and with a great starting line “locked up in daydreams”. The pre-chorus drops back from this full sounding track, into guitar and vocals making the track have a massive contrast between each section. The chorus is really catchy as the track speeds up and gets fat again, the melody line as well “You That I, You That I Can’t Control”, is easy to sing along with. The track uses thick layer sections to thin layers which brings a great set of contrast to the track. Rhythm is massively different between each section and really shows how talented people can be.

Hospitality. The pound intro with the amazing riff from the lead guitar just over the top, which hooks the listener to the track really fast. The verse drops down into the backbone of the band with the bass and drums holding the track together, with the vocals over the top, having short lines of lyrics “and no ones getting out alive”. The build up into the chorus comes in, the melody line is strong and makes it easy to grab the lyrics from the song “that their hospitality is not what it seems to be”. The intro riff which comes back into the track really keeps the track strong and has the hook to the track. The bridge has a short part which drops back down and only has drums which the chorus lyrics are sung over.

Me, Myself & the Celeration. The smooth acoustic guitar with vocals just over the top “what is left when left is right?”, which sings a length of a verse, sudden drop from the guitar, which leaves the vocals singing alone which then the rest of band drops in with a massive sound. There is a perfect pitch of contrast between the two sections, and then the break of almost silence between them is beautiful and really makes this track stand out strong. Chorus stands strong and really has some hitting lyrics “The truth is I’m lying, It’s still haunting me” there is a sense of focus around a day and how one day can effect and make someone regret so much. Massive guitar solo which is towards the end, is just something different from the rest of the track and brings out the musical skill from the band, as after the solo there is a slight build up which leads into the last chorus, before the end of the track.

Ep sounds amazing, the great use of contrasting different levels between section and then the clean recordings of each song.

“me, myself, the celebration ”

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