VSTHEWORLD – Call It Quits

VSTHEWORLD are a three piece emo / pop punk band from Manila, Philippines, taking influences from bands such as The Starting Line, Yellowcard, Paramore, Taking Back Sunday, Rufio, State Champs, Allister and Cartel.

Dolby Obispo – Vocals / Guitar
Aris Bernardo – Guitar
Robbie Obispo – Drums

Call it quits. The expanded intro goes twice over and has a sound set in stone from early on, which the lead guitar has a slight lead line over. The verse seems to be the bigger catch as the sound drops back some layers and then the lead guitar does a small riff over the top and then the vocals enter. There is a smooth balance of the track with each instrument and layer of sound, nothing seems to be overpowering which gives a very relaxed tone to the song. There verse doesn’t seem to shift in a faster beat or change up rhythm while the song continues, though when the song builds up through the pre-chorus, the chorus has a bigger contrast. The second verse seems to have more going on, mainly starting off with bass and drums, also having rhythmic changes and having parts of the band drop back from the sound. What completes this track, then just after the bridge there is an shattering guitar solo, which lets the track be led off into the end. There is a definite foundation for the band and in terms of sound, they are unique to other pop punk bands which will help them stand out in the genre. 


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