Type Beat – Great

Type Beat is an three piece rock band from South Eastern Massachusetts who have a very unique sound and have taken a wide set of influences from Fall Out Boy, Weezer, The Beach Boys and The Beatles

Matt Magnell – Guitar/Vocals
Tom Cifello – Bass/Vocals
Alec Doyle – Drums /Vocals

a1563345863_16.jpgRecorded at Bridge East Studios in East Bridgewater, MA, the single was released on July 19, 2017.

Great. The quick rhythm changes into short sections of stabs giving a bounce to the intro which has a funky vibe going on, the short sections of quick notes are moved fast to make it really easy to get hooked to the track. A short break of no sound, leads into a section which is when the vocals start, strong and powerful the verse seems to be more smoothed out from the intro “On these late nights when I’m up and I’m just lying wide awake” the pushed out lyrics about how someone else makes you feel great no matter what is going on in your life. Just after the second set of verse vocals, the track leads into a massive lead up in sound, vocals which uses a very effective repetition of vocals, almost an answer and a response, which sounds astonishing, a very unique section, “Tomorrow always seems so far away” the first line of this section really hooks you into this section and makes you play it on repeat. The sections don’t seem to be following a structured verse / chorus pattern but seems to have three verses and then almost just a bridge which can be seen as the chorus, but this different structure can make it very easy to enjoy the track for how unique it is.

The track which really sets up for a very powerful and unique band which are ready for there next big release which without a doubt will sound amazing.

“Quirky originals”

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