Tuskens – Night Glow

Tuskens are a five piece pop punk / emo band from Bristol who sound similar to Coast to Coast, Roam, Trash Boat, Maypine, Home Wrecked and Woes.

James Pope – Vocals
Jack Hewett – Guitarist
Alex Heath – Guitarist
Ashley Holbrook – Bassist
Matt Jenkinson – Drums


Night Glow. The shifty rhythm in the intro starts with a straight pattern of chords and then leads into the music breaking down. The music quickly drops into the verse where the vocals come in, with the bass guitar leading the sound with the support of the drums. The chunky guitar comes in for the second part of the verse which helps the sound build up into the chorus. The chorus is open and the contrast from the rest of the track makes the chorus have a bigger impact on the overall sound. This track has hard hitting parts and then has other parts which the track drops into a softer sections of sound. The overall sound of the track is clean and everything can be heard in each section of the track. The vocals which turn into gang vocals has a really amazing send off for the track.

“Rollcoaster of different layers and sounds making this track sound amazing”

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