The Bunker Band – Luxury

The Bunker Band are a three piece subrock band from Brazil, Rio de Janeiro who take influences from Beatles, Stereophonics, Motion City Soundtrack, Ash, Oasis and Travis.

Daniel Gomez – Voice & Guitar
Samuel Oliveira – Voice & Guitar
Sérgio Scaramelo – Drums


Luxury. The counting at the intro, is led in with loud and strong drums which drives the sound and has an instant hook to the sound, which is led up by the lead guitar doing a short type of riff which is chord heavy. As the song progresses into the verse, there is a really relaxing feel to the music and it has really easy edge to listen to. The verse seems to keep the sound at one level almost and has a really strong use of different layers of music, each doing a separate part of the sound. Short break in which the guitar fills the sound up with a couple of chords and then breaks into a chorus. The chorus sounds massive and can really bring a different use of contrast to the song, which also has a strong lead guitar driving the track through. The bridge has a guitar solo which is backed up by a keyboard powering through the layers, there is so much to listen to, that your head phones are always full of sound. The bass and drums have a really tight fit with the sound and really keep the track together.

“Retro sound with a modern twist”
7 / 10

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