Taken for Granted – Into the Abyss

Taken for Granted are a five piece alternative / pop punk band from Laval, Qc who take influences from Simple Plan, Nightwish, All Time Low, Muse, Three Days Grace and Breaking Benjamin.

Maxime Toussaint – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Raphaël Girouard – Laflamme: Lead Guitar
Alexis Thivierge – Keyboard, Guitar and Vocals
Jean-Sebastien Pelchat – Bass
Mathieu Giosi – Drums.

20690404_1647197012019546_4279503833964285392_o.jpgTaken for Granted released there latest album tilted “Into The Abyss” on August 26th, 2017.

Track list
1, Edge
2, Follow Me
3, Stranger Than the Seas
4, Until Daybreak
5,Grand Recovery
6, Bleed
7, I Wish You Never Existed
8, Purpose
9, On My Own
10, So Long Misery
11, Lost In Waves
12, Into Abyss

Follow Me. Starts with a lead up from the drums into the intro with smooth lead guitar over the top of the band which is just backing the sound up. The short verse which has a shifty rhythm but seems to be more of a palm mute instead of open chords which is what the intro is, the verse seems really short and there is a break which breaks down from the verse sound into a pre-chorus which is the perfect balance between the verse and chorus. The contrast between the sections are really wide having low sounding chords and then having big open chords for the chorus and intro. The chorus uses the title of the sound as the main hook for the lyrics for the first line, and also the lead guitar seems to have a really unique sound going on. The chorus has almost two sections, having a straight section of chords which quickly breaks down into a rhythm change for the sound. Being the first full track on the album lets you into a very different sound of pop punk / alternative music from a band, the general sound is very good and each own section of the track really sticks out and has been well worked on.

Stronger Than the Seas. There is very different approach to the sound to this track, and the vocals seem to have more lead in the song with an acoustic track behind the vocals and a very strong drum beat, which is pushing the track forward, the intro keeps having short breaks of sound which is when the loop of the track restarts but with a different vocal line. As the track progress forward more layers of sound come in from different instruments the lead guitar starts to follow the lead vocals which gives the sound more thickness. Throughout the track there is a sense of a very relaxed vibe of sound and the track doesn’t seem to have a really loud section but seems to keep this very laid back tempo of the sound. Towards the middle of the track the sound drops into almost nothing but vocals and broken chords from the guitar fill the gap just before the chorus comes back in. As the track comes towards the end the sound gets denser and there is almost a sense that the track might explode but the backing drops out and leaves the vocals to finish the track off alone with one last loop from the chorus.

Bleed. Has a goosebumps piano intro, having it only playing a few notes but in a high octave, slight pause to let the vocals join in at the same time. There is really sad emotion over the song and the track keeps this very much calm and sad feeling throughout. There is a great use of strings which have a piecing sound which cuts through the track and stands out a lot. The reference of how your heart is drowning and then saying how it feels like a sinking ship, really sets in that he has been hurt and now is bleeding. The fade out line “I’m left here with nothing left”.

On My Own. The broken chord intro is then left with silence before the short intro comes in which hits hard and has a massive thick layer of sound. The verse drops down into thinner layers and its telling you exactly how he feels “Broken pieces that rubber just can’t patch”. The track builds up into the chorus and the contrast from the verse is very different and is more aggressive, also there is more use of backing vocals, “I lost my way back home” this line is done from an almost robot voice which sticks out, There is a massive instrumental section which breaks down into a sound of nothing and then into a guitar solo which is only backed up by the acoustic guitar before the rest of the band return.

Lost in Waves. The peaceful piano intro which the vocals enter on “It’s too late for me now” which is a repeating line throughout the song. As the track builds up the drums and bass kick in just to support the track and then the sound explodes a bit more, the guitar comes in with long held chords and then just after the guitar has come in, there is a blast guitar solo, which has an epic vibe for the track. There is a build of the sound throughout the song and the sounds build to a point which then drops back into almost no sound, except some whispering vocals. The piano restarts and the line comes back in “It’s too late for me now ” and then the more vocals in repeating these lines “It’s too late for me now, I’m hanging by a thread, It’s too late for me now, I’m stuck inside my head ” an massive build up to then a quiet end for the track.

Into The Abyss. The synth intro, the vocals and drum enter at the same time “I stare at the sunset wishing I would be alive”, though the bass has a small riff which comes in as the vocals begin to end, the guitar comes in with long held notes as the last piece of the intro before there is a stop and the bass fills the gap with vocals “I wish I could go back there “. There is a real feeling of story telling of a really tragic story going on, with the dramatic backing from the band and then the vocals “Everything I’ve ever lived,
Seems so far away”. The vocals drop out with a section which the sound of band changes a lot and comes into more faster section and then vocals rejoin. The last line before the sound drops to a more quiet section “Then I will throw away the fear” and it almost drops down into this section as the fear now has left. The sound has slight build ups and then drops back down into a quiet sounding section. Then with it being the title of the album it seems to be about how someone didn’t come into the abyss with him and how they didn’t go away together.

Dramatic tracks, a lot of contrast is used, massive and amazing set of writing for each track, recordings are good and they seem to explode on a lot of different sounds. This album listened to in one go can almost sound just like a long love story and be almost be seen as a backing for a live performance of a tragic story.

“The emptiness will swallow me ”

Links : https://www.facebook.com/TakenForGrantedOfficial/


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