Resonance – Losing it

Resonance are a four piece pop punk band from Grimsby, Uk sounding familiar to The Starting Line, Hit The Lights, The Early November, Anarbor and The Dangerous Summer.

Jack Quickfall – Lead Vocals/Bass
George Paul – Lead Guitar
Ben Williamson- Rhythm Guitar
Lucas Marshall – Drums

Resonance released there single titled “Losing it” on 31st August 2017.

Losing it. The scratchy guitar intro, which is lead up with a reverse cymbal before the rest of the band come in. The chunky, thick and unique sound of the instruments from the start of the track really has this sense of something new and different, the heavy bass just below the track and the guitar sound has more of a fuzzy feeling to it. Short gap before the verse kicks in, which the guitar gives more palm muting but the bass really has a strong presence and sticks out a lot, the lead guitar creeps in with a small rift of sound, the drums are pounding and pushing the sound, moving the track forward. The sound starts to open up and the chords become more open, and the sound becomes wider as the track enters the chorus which i feel doesn’t have the impact that it should, the contrast of the track between the two sections aren’t big. The vocals throughout the track are clean, understandable and have a strong and catchy melody. The vocals really give the track the mood for the track and the emotion that has gone into the track. The track breaks into the bridge which turns into an instrumental, and has a piping hot guitar solo to then let the track cool down towards the end.

“Amazing new single, from an up and coming band”
7.5 /10

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