Safeguard – I’m A Stranger to Myself

Safeguard are a five piece pop punk band from York, Uk who are signed to Wilhelm Records. Their influences range from bands such as blink-182, Neck Deep, Trash Boat, WSTR, Knuckle Puck and The Story So Far.

Declan Gough – Vocals
Martyn Marsh – Guitar
Denholm Horn – Guitar
Zak Lonsdale – Bass
Connor Dale – Drums


Track list
1, Crux
2, Harbour
3, November
4, No Man’s Land

Crux. The slow build up from guitar riff is followed up by a second guitar riff just over the top. The sounds build with the drums backing the sound and then drops into short chords from the guitars, which then breaks into a short section of full band.

Harbour. The unique lead guitar riff which sets the sound for band and brings the backing of the other guitar and bass which brings in short stabbs of sound. As the sound starts to pick up, the blast from the drums really starts to push the sound ahead, with the loud and belting out vocals which has a signature sound for the band. Breaks from the verse and goes into a short section which the sound seems drop in and out, then begins to set for a very powerful chorus. The track is very powerful and really strong for the first track which sets the sound in stone, there is a great use of contrast of layers from thin to thick and fast. The rhythmic changes also play a strong part within the track and having each section feels like they’re own part but still connect to the story of the song.

November. The long end note with the intro led by the vocalist singing his lungs out, there is a short section with instrumental before the break into the very relaxing verse. Short gap. Which leads into the chorus which has a similar vibe to the verse and is very much keeping at one level of sound. The heavy track is thick with sound throughout and really sets the track down into being very hard going and has a swingy vibe to the track. The track then dips down into thinner section but the track is slowly built back up. Lead guitar and the vocals are really leading this track and give a unique sound to the band.

No Man’s Land. The ending with the acoustic track seals the deal for the ending of the Ep and there is very slow build of sound throughout. The emotional track, makes the track very intense and almost feel like someone is being held a gun point. Airy vocals over the track, sending shivers down the spine for the listeners. There is only a short section of full band before the track comes to an end.

Sound is amazing and is greatly recorded, has also been built on from the last Ep of the band. There have taken a lot of steps forward in sound and feels like there almost ready to make there album.

“A band 2018 needs to watch out for”

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