Crossroads – Nowhere Is Where I’II Be

Crossroads are a four piece pop punk band from Liverpool, UK who sound similar to Neck Deep, Roam, Wstr, Real Friends and Trash Boat.

Alex Espley – Lead Vocals / Guitar
Adam McCarter – Bassist / Vocals
Andrew Johnston – Guitar
James Simpson – Drums


Track list
1, Explain
2, The Reason There’s A Hole in My Bedroom Wall
3, Distalled
4, Break in the Waves.

Explain. The heavy intro with a swaying feeling drops down into the verse with the hard hitting snare pieces through the sound, with the guitar keeping a slight riff over the top of the track. The vocals glide through the track sounding loud and strong over the band but not so over powering that it starts to drown the sound out. As the chorus starts there is an fast switch up in the sound and the intro punch of the music comes back and there is a real sense of making sure the verse and chorus are on different levels. “Everything that you did was just in spite, You’re the reason why I can’t sleep at night.” the direct lyrics are focusing around the feeling of someone who has hurt someone really bad.

The Reason There’s A Hole in My Bedroom Wall. The instant start to the sound with the full band has a short intro and sets the music up for the track to expand. As the intro drops there is a short verse which almost sets up the story from the lyrics “Feelings torn escape my head”. The melody lines build up into the chorus where the sound becomes catchy and the music feels complete and a strong force of sound, also the easy to relate to lyrics makes it hard not to sing a long. “Past future and present, But I just can’t resonate with you, “.

Distilled. Grinding guitar pushing chords out for the intro before the blast beats, hard hitting and explode sound of the bands comes in for the verse. The strength of the vocals in the track sticks out a lot more and has a lot more drive with the music just supporting underneath. Breakdown where the sound drops to thinner layers really has a sense of build up of sound and then the lyrics begin to come in and catch the ears. “So many boxes unfilled, None of my problems distilled,”. The ending of the track brings a different vibe to the sound of the band, there is more of a metal sound going on and they really bring a lot of different elements to what the band can do.

“Add these guys to Pop Punk playlist”

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