Bloodmines – Bloodmines

Bloodmines are a three piece Punk Rock band from Sheffield / Manchester, Uk taking influences from Alkaline Trio, Hot Water Music, The Lawrence Arms, Descendents, Off With Their Heads, The Flatliners, and The Loved Ones

Mark – Vocals/Guitar
Ian – Bass
Andy – Drums

a1208632667_16.jpgBloodmines released there Ep on 16th May 2017.

Track List
1, Best Version of Me
2, Despairwaves
3, Sombre in 6/8

Best Version Of Me. Soft intro guitar leads up into harsh vocals which pushes the track a head and there is a sense of panic in the voice. The heavy sounding bass and drums have a lot of say in what the music really sounds like and are the really big backbone for the track. Going down into thin layers where the guitar seems to stand alone with vocals just over top which quickly builds into the chorus and the instant melody hook in the chorus makes people want to hear more. The starting track showcases a lot of different sounds and really pushes their own sound out from the start.

Despairwaves. The ground pound bass lick which starts the track really has the power to hook people to the track, as the hard hitting drums come in with the harsh vocals just on top. The track progresses into a massive chorus sound where the guitar starts to come in to fill the gaps of the music. The track seems to breakdown from the chorus to verse and the sound comes more about the detail of each note and every tire between each instrument. The chorus is full of sound and there is no gaps and it almost feels like more than a three piece band. Powerful track, strong melodies, different layers of sound and the perfect balance of instruments really hits the spot with this track.

Sombre in 6/8. The quick section of stabs which drop into a swinging rhythm where each instrument weaves in and out of each other. Big intro drops down into a verse which the bass takes the lead over from the guitar, as the vocals enter which are almost just speaking the lyrics. The build into the chorus is longer then normal as the anticipation builds up for the music to explode into the chorus which goes off and the vocals go into more a harsh voice. Sitting at the end of EP this track displays the band in there full light of what they are capable of and what they might be doing next.


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