South Berkeley – Tiny Rascals

South Berkeley are a three piece Pop Punk band, based in Paris and Nice, France, taking strong influences from late 90s, a very old school vibe of Pop Punk music.

Hubert Mousseigne – guitars & vocals
ClĂ©ment Zaetta – bass & vocals
Jordan Soussan – drums

South Berkeley released Tiny Rascals single on October 27, 2017 with Krod Records.

Tiny Rascals. Calm, smooth intro guitar stands alone until the layers of guitar start filling the sound and the build up which lets the vocals drop in with the drums just beneath the sound, the slight sound from the drums builds up into fills. The track starts to get thicker as the bass drops to drive the sound forward and ahead. Details in each section from all the band is shown, the sound doesn’t explode off but a sense of feeling very calm and relaxing to listen to. Overall sounding for the track is balanced up well, between the vocals, they seem to glide over, the guitar riffs which are weaved together like a web, bass having a lot of push and seems to have a lot of the push for the track and the drums sit back and hold the sound together. The track is really amazing and has a really good insight of what the bands future music will be sounding like.

“One band that needs to go onto the playlist”

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