Shark Bait – Please Guy

Shark Bait are a six piece Pop Punk / Easycore band from Yorkshire, UK.

Nikita Worsley – Vocals
Ashley Greenwood – Guitarist 
Max Shirtiff – Guitarist 
Connor Holland – Bassist
Daniel Holgate – Synth/keys
Chris Hunt – Drums

Shark Bait released their single “Please Guy” on 8th December 2017

The catchy guitar riff leads the rest of the band into the track with the hard hitting drums and quick vocal lines which has a short stop before the track picks up into the blast beat verse. The almost shouting vocals push the track swiftly along before hitting into another short breakdown before the track changes direction into a section which is a bit more stabby before picking back up into the full sounding band. The bridge brings a different flow with the guitar taking the lead with a short solo, the track drops back to just vocals, which is a huge catch to sing along with. The track is a massive insight to pop punk mixed with easycore, full of energy. The band itself though has done a great first single to show themselves off to what there are capable to do.


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