Breathtaker – Revelations

Breathtaker are two piece rock / alternative band from Chicago, IL whose members consist of Russ Gasper & Dan Patto.

Breathtaker released  Revelations on February 24, 2015

Track List
1, Kingbury
2, Draw
3, Feb 3, 1949
4, Grievances
5, Patterns & Notions
6, Life, the Universe and Everything
7, Youth in Asia
8, The Difference
9, Formerly Titled
10, I’m Sorry But I Know
11, Brookston Turbines

Kingsbury. Gentle slow guitar intro which adds a lot of tension to the music and as the vocals come in. The progress builds up as the drums and bass hit the track hard and there is a really big change in sound. Out of nowhere the track explodes and there is a super massive sound from the whole band and it really impacts the listener and the sound hooks people into the music. This opening track makes a statement of what the rest of the album will begin to sound like.

Draw. The fast paced, hard hitting drums, powerful bass and pretty guitar all come together to push the sound forward. The melody line where the vocals are sitting on top weave together with the rest of the band to be one powerful sound. The rest-bite section where the sound drops back lets the track almost feel that it will slow down again, but the fire is relit and the track explodes back up into thick sound layers.

Grievances. Guitar drags in the music with the harsh vocals just slipping on top of the track, the sound is set and its ready for the rest of the band to begin to enter. The drums hit the sound hard and begin to push the music a long. The track brings a sense of importance and emergency of what is happening and needs to be heard “She’s soaked in alcohol. And I will whisper on the breeze. And I won’t ever let her fall in.”

Patterns & Notions. The build up, feels like the tension is going to snap as the track progresses, then explodes into a massive thick layer of music, which hits the ears at a powerful force that holds the listener. The track really holds your attention from the start and really brings a great use of contrast between each section.

Youth in Asia. Sections drop from this aggressive thick layer of sound to an almost thin and quiet layer of music which really brings this track out. “I guess you buried your heart in Tokyo. I guess you really let me know. This has been on too long.” The lyrics seem to be a personal matter this use of “I” in the lyrics really starts to point towards the singer and you can almost feel that it is about him.

The album is amazing, instruments each have their own imprint on each track, the crazy melodies from the vocals are really strong which are the massive drive for the tracks to keep going.

“Something out of nowhere”



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