Fracture The Frame – Open Letter

Fracture The Frame are a five piece pop punk band from Morgantown, West Virginia U.S.A who take influences from Knuckle Puck ,The Story So Far , The Wonder Years , Four Year Strong and Mayday Parade.

Grayson Prince – Vocals & Guitar
Calvin Wilson – Vocals
Will Lewis – Guitar
Aron Golden – Bass
Jerred Robinette – Drums

Fracture The Frame released “Open Letter” single on January 1, 2018.

The full sounding track has an aggressive vibe to the track and really strikes out to the listener and has a sense of being pulled in really early on. The short sections of the track which help connect each piece together really makes the flow of the music strong and gives the track more contrast to the music. The double kicker really drives the music forward and the bass keeps the track together and helps the middle ground of the sound. The Guitar being really thick has the sense to over-power the vocals and can almost be drowning to hear any other instruments of the band.

“Great first track”

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