Hillwood – Past Lives

Hillwood are a five piece pop punk band from Milton Keynes who sound similar to Blink 182, The Ataris, Taking Back Sunday, Yellowcard, Green Day and Lit.

Chris Boston – Vocalist
Connor Cazalet-Smith – Guitarist
Tom Harvey – Guitarist
Adrian Hedges – Bassist
Ashlee Green – Drummer

Hillwood released past lives on December 23, 2017.

Track list
1, Six Feet
2, Don’t Back Down
3, Wake Up
4, Past Lives

Six Feet. The feel good vibes coming from the start of the track really set the music up to be ready for a pop punk summer. The bouncing rhythm keeps the beat up and keeps the music fresh, with a easy going sound. The vocals seem to glide on top with a crisp tone. Guitar holds down a strong riff of music, with the low end of the bass keeping the sound together between the guitars and drums, weave them together and you get a perfect pop punk track to start an EP.

Wake Up. The distortion bass guitar drives the track into a more punk intro, the mix between the drums supports the flavour of the sound of the bass and seems to work together well. Aggressive vocals in the chorus have a strong power behind it and really push the track to the next level.  The Guitars are almost just adding a short melody over the top instead of being the main focus instrument being just below the vocals and keeping the sound thick. The track seems to sort their vocals more then the previous tracks, and it could be something they could look at.

Past Lives. The hyped up sound that the track explodes off, which is quickly dived down into more of a blast beat and palm guitars, hits fast and hard. Sections breaks up each part of the track really seem to help the track lean of it self and keep the music flowing at a good pace. Build up towards the chorus and then a sudden step back into a half time beat really hooks the ears into the track. The epic sound of this track helps the Ep finish on a amazing note of sound.

“Pure Gold Pop Punk”


Links : https://www.facebook.com/HillwoodBandUK/


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