ICYMI are a four piece pop punk band from Gloucestershire who take a influences from Paramore, Tonight Alive, All Time Low, Roam and Blink 182

Elin Allan – Vocals
Ryan Drake – Guitar
Jack Bryan – Bass
Ben Thomas – Drums

Track List

1, Sweat
2, Castaway
3, Get Out
4, Resolve This
5, Mind Games
6, Majesty

Castaway. The speaking vocals at the start set the track up into a mini explosion which drops back into the vocals soft section, as the contrast builds the chorus drops into a half time section. Relaxing laid back chorus vibe makes it really easy to listen to and feel gripped in the lyrics and almost a feeling of being lost and Castaway with the music.

Get Out. An active, lively and bouncy intro to the track drops down into the verse which falls heavily back onto the drums which seems to be holding the track together. The verse has this calm build up in tension before the short gap for the hard hitting chorus blows throw the door. Sense of emergency in the chorus which has the listener always on edge and eager to hear more.

Mind Games. The feel good clean guitar just backed up by the intro, then the distortion count in happens and this almost grunge sound drops in. There is more of a relaxing feeling to the music and the layers of music are thin, every little detail can be heard. Hearing everything in the track, can really show the talent from each band member.

Sweat. Title track, the vocals seem to have taken the lead of the music and starts to drive the sound forward from when the first lyrical line is heard. The bass and drums have a tight lock down on the music and really seems to hold the sound together, as the guitar weaves the sound just over the top of music and helps fills in the gaps of the sound. Take a listen be blown away,


“Best female front pop punk from Gloucestershire”

Links : https://www.facebook.com/ICYMIUK


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