What We Lost – Beds

What We Lost is an Italian Melodic Hardcore band formed in early 2015. During the past few years they released their debut EP “Shades” and proudly shared the stage with bands such as Casey, Napoleon, ALAZKA, Acres, In Archives, Canvas, Hotel Books, Shields, Dayseeker, Heritage and Novelists.

Simone Galeotti – Vocals
Riccardo Ibatici – Guitar
Lorenzo Di Girolamo – Guitar
Enrico Tosti – Bass
Andrea Barbieri – Drums


Produced and engineered by Federico Ascari at Wavemotion Recordings, mixed and mastered by Jonny Reshaw at Bandit Studios, video by Chris Porter and Adam White of Life Is Art Visuals

Beds. Hard hitting, thick sound, powerful instruments which combined together weave in and out of each other. Contrast between the vocalist which has these soft spoken vocals which leads towards aggressive scream vocals, though there is still a sense of peace from the backing of the band, just supporting the vocals at a good level. Fast guitar riff which has a perfect fit with the track and also helps the track move up into the chorus. The mixing of soft vocals and screaming pushes the emotions around and you can almost feel yourself getting emotional. This track shows off all the talent that this band can pull of and really have ears pinned back to hear the whole track.

“Powerful emotions”



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