Have No Clue – Reprise

Have No Clue are a four piece pop punk band based in Esztergom, Hungary who sound similar to Blink 182 , Sum 41, Nofx, Bad Religion and Good Riddance.

Bence Varga – Guitar / Back vocal
Patrik Fábián – Guitar
Bence Werner – Bass
István Takács – Vocal


Have No Clue released their single on 8th October 2017 titled Reprise.

Reprise. The powerful drum intro is followed up quickly by the bass and a soft lead guitar. Spoken vocals set up the music to then break into more of a full band, which has sn impact as soon as you hear it. The pop punk vibes from the music are heard throughout and has this up beat fast instruments with a harsh pop vocals. Contrasting between different sections of the track, on how the music will drop down into a quieter section and slowly build back up for chorus. The track from the start to the end really feels whole and every section of the track fits together and no section feels weaker then the other.

“Hungary Pop Punk”


Links : https://www.facebook.com/havenoclueband/


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