Wave Break – Plaster City

Wave Break are a four piece Alt Rock / Pop punk band from Boston, MA who sound similar to Tonight Alive, Blink 182, Sum 41, My Chemical Romance and Simple Plan.

Kelly Barber – Lead Vocals / Rhythm Guitar

Alex Orav – Lead Guitar

David Sachs – Bass

Plaster City. Thick layers of sound mixed together, bring different textures from each instrument and how thery push their sound forward together. Contrast through each section is easy to hear when the next section has started over and when one part is ending. Weaving between each and then having the vocals drive the music just that bit more. Hearing this as a stand alone track, you can tell the band has worked, pulled together all their influences and their emotions into the track.

Links : https://open.spotify.com/album/1b7gxVRbFlVThFMVJHuEM0?si=gCdMk7Z5TmOlkiJwrBL5sg



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