Wolf Culture – Wreck

Wolf Culture are a four piece emo/pop punk band from Bournemouth who take influecnes from Like Pacific, Moose Blood, Roam, and Neck Deep

Max Dervan – Vocals & Guitar
Jay Dervan-Guitar & Vocals
Josh Halbert – Bass Guitar
Jake Daniels-Drums & Vocals


Wolf Culture released their single “Wreck” on 15th February 2018

Wreck. Buzzing feedback followed into the intro guitar riff with the hard beating drums pushing the track towards the full band intro which strings together perfectly. Vocals pop in as the track comes down to more of a personal level, “I put myself on the line” slight bass supporting the vocals and the drums just behind, when the vocals distort there is an up lift in the music . The chorus explodes with a really powerful impact of sound, which brings this happy tone of sound for the music. Though the lyrics say otherwise and instead bring an almost failed love story. “I, I can’t trust anyone”.

“She’s a far cry from happy”

Links : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDV83Cs_QNU


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