Gold Steps – As Luck Would Have It

Gold Steps are a five pice pop punk band from Austin, Texas who take influences from bands such as New Found Glory, Neck Deep, blink-182, Four Year Strong, Fall Out Boy, The Starting Line, Real Friends, The Wonder Years, Hit The Lights.

Liz Mauritz – Vocals
Zach Duarte – Guitar
Elias Perez – Guitar
Erasmo Garcia – Bass
Roger Steadman – Drums


Gold steps released there singled titled ” As Luck Would Have It”

As Luck Would Have It. Cheerful, catchy guitar riff to start the song off which is followed up by the rest of the band backing the sound. The blast beats kicks the verse into gear and the vocals drop in to lead the band into thier unbelievable hook of sound. The section breaks down into the pre-chorus which helps each section be easier to connect and the chorus drops which immediately grips the ears to carry on listening to the track. Unique vocals which the band builds itself around really lets the track shine though as a different pop punk track but still sticking to the roots of the genre. The singles really showcases of what the build can produce for their own sound.

“Mix of Old and New Pop Punk”

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