Thrift Street – These Kids

Thrift Shop are a three piece Pop Punk band from Northampton, UK who sound similar to Blink 182, Saves the Day, New Found Glory and Allister.

Callan – Guitar and Vocals
Jack – Bass
Harvey – Drums and Vocals


Thrift Street are releasing there EP titled “These Kids” 30th May 2018

Track List,
1, Nocturnal Behaviour
2, Quite Frankly (You’re A Prick)
3, Wayne’s Hurled
4, Classic Grayley
5, Stay

Nocturnal Behaviour. The long chords which lead the build up for the track into the chorus which has a strong catchy vocal melody which draws you into the lyrics which have a sense of being very personal and also explaining an almost lonely feel to the track.

Quite Frankly (You’re A Prick). Throughout the track the contrast between different sections really brings a amazing sound of what the band can do. Weaved together with the bass holding the music together between the drums and the guitar, then there is a gentle float from the vocals. The rhythm within sections really helps the track glue together and then also helps each section work with each other. The track dies down towards to the end, which brings the curtains in and spotlight on the vocals to bring a emotionally ending.

Wayne’s Hurled. The relaxed vibe from the guitar with the bass glues a tight sound together and the drums just tapping away in the back leads the vocals to flow along across the top. Pace picks up from the band as they are moving more towards the chorus and driving the sound forward for this massive build up which in turn leads to a half time chorus. Textures, layers and contrast within this track shrine through and really helps the band show off a different time of sound and writing.

Classic Grayley. Crowd pleaser, weaving the guitars , bass and drums to make a sound which brings the emotions out and there is also a sense of being very tense. Track brings a different type of music together and shows there expands of there influences.

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