Branch To Root – Best Disasters

Branch to Root are a four piece Alt Rock/Emo/Grunge who are from Liverpool for fans of Basement, All Get Out and Manchester Orchestra.

Stephen McGinty – Vocals/Guitar
Stuart Sinclair – Guitar
John Eddowes – Bass
Tom Williams – Drums


Branch To Root’s upcoming single titled “Best Disasters” is coming June 1st 2018 on all digital platforms

Best Disasters. The instant drop to the full band intro which is knitted together tightly and goes on a little loop before the vocals drop in. Verse drops the sound quickly and begins to focus around the vocal line melody, which the band begins to back up. Chorus layers start to build up which is more like the intro and has a catchy melody line which sticks with you throughout the music. Bridges drop into a instrumental section with the band showing how tight they are together and also how musical talented they are. Followed up by the almost shouting of lyrics towards the end which cements the track together. Overall the track demonstrates how unique there sound is and also something to look forward to on their release date.


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