Lying for Friends – Lucky to Amount to Zero

Lying for Friends for are a three piece pop punk band from Birmingham UK who take influecnes from Blink 182, The Offspring, Incubus, Green Day, Pennywise, The Aquabats, Billy Talent, +44, Boy George, Sum 41, Alien Ant Farm, and New Found Glory.

Joe Kingston – Guitar/Vocals
Mike Green – Bass/Vocals
Matt Herman – Drums

Lying for Friends
Lying for Friends released there latest Ep titled “Lucky to amount to Zero” on 27th April 2018.

Track list
1, Catastrophic Failure
2, Forever Resumes
3, Touchdown
4, Heart Dotted I
5, Weather Song

Catastrophic Failure. The cheeky bass lick which begins the track before the rest of the band drops in and also before the vocals which come in quickly. The transitions between sections is fast, also the verse is really short before the catchy upbeat chorus comes in. The guitar riff between chorus, verse and also what is played in the intro is really signature to these guys. Great opening track.

Forever Resumes. Happy cheerful pop punk vibe as the track storms off with the lead guitar riff taking the lead for the track. Sounds drops lower with the layers of the music becoming thinner which brings a great contrast to the music. Slowly building back up towards the chorus which heavily leans on towards the vocals to lead the sound forward. The type of vibe going within the music is something you would hear back in the 2000s at a house party or maybe a band you would of see as a kid.

Heart Dotted I. Heavier then the other tracks, also having a more punk vibe to the track which tends to suit the band more. The verse seems to be forced, fast and hard hitting though the chorus seems to be calm, slower and a lot more chilled. This track goes from this heavy guitar riff, to a punk blast beat in the verse to then a half time chorus, which shows how contrasted the music is. More tracks like this please!!

Weather Song. Peaceful acoustic track to close off the EP which gradually builds up into the track having the full band come in as well. This is a great way to wrap off an Ep which has been up and down with different types of sounds and contrasts.

“More Punk Please”

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