Homefront – Breathing Space

Homefront are a five piece pop punk band from Brisbane Australia who take influences from All Time Low, As It Is, Fall Out Boy, State Champs and Paramore

Peter Harvey – Vocals
Navada Snow-Walters – Guitar
Tom Doble – Guitar
Damian Field – Bass
Connor Robins – Drums

Image may contain: textHomefront released their single called “Breathing Space” 25th May 2018.

Breathing Space. This Defiantly brings people back to their teenage years growing up and how tough life can be, feeling the reflection in the track of your past. Thick weaved sound together and the track really brings the best parts of the band and starts to show of there true colours of musical talent. There is not a dull moment within the music and each section is really taken care of to sound as perfect as possible. When the track drops from chorus or intro into the fast paced verse and brings in the emotions from lyrics to then having a crashing chorus which is a key hook to the track. Overall melodies from the vocals are on point and the backing of the band really keep the track together tight. If you’re looking for a track which will help you through a rough time this summer or just looking to jam out to a track from a small but lots of sound, well take a listen to this track.

“Australia’s finest for pop punk”




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